A while ago I posted a “Get the Look” about Sarah Greeman’s entry way where she hung original art with a Bird on a Wire. I was so in love with it, it inspired me to do this project with Goodwill.

Originally posted on Goodwill of Orange County Blog:

DIY Bird on a Wire Art made from Repurposed Canvases

Hi all you do-it-yourselfer’s, Janeane again from Janeane Pittman Interior Design.

I made this super cute project from canvases found at Goodwill of Orange County.  It is the perfect way to add a little whimsy into your home all while using recycled items and helping to create jobs for people in your community facing barriers to employment.

Here are the steps to make this DIY Bird on a Wire Art:


  • Two unframed art canvases from Goodwill
  • Decoupage medium
  • Three pieces of scrapbook paper with script
  • Charcoal acrylic paint
  • White acrylic paint


  • Pencil
  • Sponge brush
  • Scissors
  • Medium size artists paint brush
  • Liner artists paint brush
  • Paper towel


  • Materials from Goodwill: $11.98
  • Materials from other stores (excluding materials I already had): $1.94
  • Total Project: Approx $14.00
Art Canvases from Goodwill ready for a new look The two unframed art canvases I found at Goodwill are mismatched. Although they are slightly different sizes, they are both roughly 12″ x…

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The Benefits of Purchasing Secondhand
The Benefits of Purchasing Secondhand by janeane-pittman
This past Saturday I had the pleasure of being the guest speaker at Sparrow’s Nest Consignment to share the benefits of purchasing secondhand.  Secondhand encompasses everything from vintage and antiques to modern pieces that people are wanting to sell.  Most of the time when I am looking for items for clients designs, I love to look for vintage pieces that will fit their personality and style, so I am focusing more on vintage in this post.  I do however always encourage seeking out gently used modern pieces as well.
Janeane Pittman Speaking on the Benefits of Purchasing Secondhand
1. Character
Probably one of the biggest benefits to purchasing secondhand is character.  You just cannot deny the feel that a vintage adds instant character to a room.  These are pieces that you just can’t find in modern retail stores.  They are the furniture and accessories that add the wow factor.  To make this work you want to choose a focus.  Select a primary style…traditional, modern, transitional and then layer in vintage.  Don’t let them overpower the room.  Modern chairs paired with a farmhouse table highlights the piece without making it feel like you live literally, well, in a farmhouse.  Creating visual tension is what every successful design should do.
Modern Vintage Dining Room
2. You will not get a Cookie-Cutter Look
The second benefit to purchasing secondhand is that you are not going to get a cookie cutter look.  You want a look that is uniquely yours and one that does not look like page 29 of the Restoration Hardware catalog.  You also don’t want to have your home look like everyone else’s on the block.  When looking for secondhand and vintage pieces you are going to find items that are not widely available so that gives you a chance to curate a look that feels collected, not “Oh, I’ll take the set”.  To get a look that does not feel disjointed from your modern pieces look at the details.  Look for a wood tone that is similar to a table you already own.  Find a leg shape that resembles a chair in your living room and finishes that are the same as current styles.
3. Quality pieces at a lower price point
Don’t be afraid to look for a name on a piece and educate yourself on furnishing brands you like.  Now, this in no way means that shopping secondhand is going to be cheap; it means that those quality pieces that may have been out of reach are now doable.  Now, if you find something you love, but you are not sure how it will work in your home: think of a way to merchandise it.  Create an unexpected place for it such as a vintage mirror in a remodeled modern bath.  Make it a purposeful focal point rather than an afterthought.
Modern Vintage Living Room
4. It Forces you to be Creative
Turning pieces into something other than what they were originally intended is a sure fire way to bring personalization and edge to your design.  An industrial drawer cabinet can be used as a console table or a stack of suitcases can become a nightstand.  Accessories are also a wonderful way to bridge the relationship from modern to vintage such as antique jars lined on sleek floating shelves or a collection of modern frames on a rustic wood table.  Also, think about paint.  There are so many pieces that can have an instant face-lift with a coat of paint and can then easily fit into your home.  Look at the lines of a piece and determine if that is the look you love.  Look past the finish it currently has and visualize it in your dream color.  Monotony is no fun, and mixing it up a bit gives you an opportunity to combine old and new styles seamlessly.
Modern Vintage Bedroom
5. It Opens Up your World to Meeting People
Lastly, a wonderful benefit to purchasing secondhand is that it opens up your world to meeting people.  Every time you come into a shop like Sparrow’s Nest, it is a different experience than going to a retail environment.  You get to meet interesting people and hear stories about the pieces that they are selling.  For those of you who purchase on Craigslist know the many interesting people you come into contact with.
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Designing from my Closet | An Ann Taylor Skirt and HomeGoods Art

Earlier this week I posted on my Instagram about letting your wardrobe be a clue into your interior design style.  I know I have been on a little rampage about finding your personal style lately, and I am only because I think it is important.

I have to say that I follow many (that might be an understatement) fashion blogs and they are showing off their latest finds and deals.  Fashion is one of my loves as it was my major in college prior to making the switch to interiors.  One thing I have noticed is that most people are more willing to take chances on their clothes than they are on their interiors.  And I can see their point of view, an article of clothing is much less expensive than say a piece of furniture.  It is also less of a commitment.

When I made the decision to go bold with color and pattern in my living room, I have had no regrets.  The way that room makes me feel is priceless.  It is a true reflection of my personality.  One of the best things to hear from guests is how happy and fun my home is.

An Ann Taylor striped skirt in bright pink with splashes of orange, purple, and lime I recently picked up secondhand is almost a dead ringer for the HomeGoods chevron art I have hanging in my entry that have essentially the same colors.  I love the watercolor look to both and it was such an unintentional thing.  It goes to show how much I love the look.  Paired with some basics and neutrals, both skirt and art give a fun look that matches my personality.

Take a look in your closet, it might give you a better idea of what you should be bringing into your home.  Why give your wardrobe all the attention?


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Do It Yourself Review

July 16, 2014

This last Sunday, I had a date.  A date with the latest issue of Do It Yourself Magazine and fell head over heels in love with Mandi Gubler of Vintage Revivals in an article titled Crazy in Love.

Crazy in Love | Do It Yourself Magazine

Crazy in Love | Do It Yourself Magazine

The first thing that caught my eye were the walls.  Interesting due to the fact that they are one of the more subtle details in the room.  Mandi used a Sharpie to create a geometric pattern in what looks like gold.  It so resembles a wallcovering I have pinned in my Wallsperation board.

Crazy in Love | Do It Yourself Magazine

Crazy in Love | Do It Yourself Magazine

Her eclectic mix of accessories is right up my ally.  I mean, come on, a wooden rhino and a colorful needlepoint phoenix.  LOVE.  The map over the desk is fantastic.  It is so similar to the one I spotted over at Sparrow’s Nest Consignment.

Crazy in Love | Do It Yourself Magazine

Then I turn the page and see this!  A purple chandelier, a massive piece of plywood art with a double bike, and a metal vintage cabinet in TEAL.  Now this is mixing at its best.  So much fun.

Crazy in Love | Do It Yourself Magazine

This black wicker headboard fashioned from two twin sized ones is to die for.  Curly ques and all.  Again, mixing the art atop paneled walls.

Crazy in Love | Do It Yourself Magazine

And, last but not least was a wall I have already featured on the blog.  This orange triangle wall is so wonderful as a background for the mid-century dresser and ornate mirror.  It keeps the room from feeling like a museum.

Hope you are having a wonderful and happy Wednesday!



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