Spring Spruce-Up Shopping Event {What We Will Be Shopping For}

I am super excited about the upcoming Spring Spruce-Up Shopping event this Saturday.  So far, all the participants are looking to finish off their master bedrooms.  As part of the event, I not only want to address each participants needs, I want to teach each one coming tips on decorating from everyone’s situation.  It is essentially a group design consultation and having a chance to shop with an interior designer.

Here are the individual styles we will be shopping for:

Global Funk Style we will be looking for at the Spring Spruce-Up Shopping Event

Global Funk embodies an eclectic and cool vibe with a neutral base of whites, creams, & black.  Vibrant accent colors ranging from every one in the rainbow give pops of interest.  Both feminine and masculine feelings are represented through the mix of lace, leather, snakeskin, floral, metals, beads, embroidery, and studs.  Items are meant to feel collected and from every end of the earth.

Shabby Chic Style we will be looking for at the Spring Spruce-Up Shopping Event

Shabby Chic mixes upscale English and French design with whitewashed and chipped paint.  Both large and small scale florals in soft pastel and neutral colors combined with ticking stripes and burlap create a soft and feminine space.  Look for items with bows, floral, white, cream, and distressing.  Adding salvaged architectural items and fresh flowers bring life and history to this cozy style.

Rustic Modern Style we will be looking for at the Spring Spruce-Up Shopping Event

Rustic Modern combines both the straight lines and shiny finishes of modern décor with rustic touches such as raw wood and rusty metal.  Gray and cream act as a unifying back drop for sky blue accents.  Geometric shapes such as stripes, quatrefoil, and Greek key get a laid back feel when they are added to weathered wood with exposed knotting.  Texture is a big feature in this style in both fabrics and accessories.

Spring Spruce-Up Shopping Event

If you would like to join us for the Spring Spruce-Up Shopping Event at HomeGoods in Huntington Beach on Saturday, April 12th it is not too late to sign up.  Check out all the details and ticket information on Eventbrite.




Project Design Studio Complete

A few weeks ago I shared my plans for a West Elm Inspired Design Studio.  Well, I have finally completed the tiny work space, and I am thrilled to show you the results.

My green wall turned out better than I expected.  And I even got the best looks of bewilderment when I picked up these 24 squares of silk greenery tiles from the 99 Cents Only Stores.

The unsightly vent that I posted on Instagram is covered with IKEA’s Margareta fabric.  It provides such a wonderful look of a wall of sliced wood.

Blue JPID letters hang in the green wall that I plan on adding a bluebird to when I find the time.

Wire baskets house paint, tools, tapes, and all my other tricks of the trade to work on artwork and home décor.  I have been so happy working away in this space, small as it may be.

Janeane Pittman Interior Design Studio with green wall and wood slice fabric



2014 JPID Logo

Plans for a Master Bedroom Spring Spruce-Up

Plans for a Master Bedroom Spring Spruce-Up

Aesthetics aside, I have found that what you put in your home, especially in an extremely personal space such as a bedroom represent times in your life. 

Women have a natural nesting instinct that wants to surround themselves with not only beautiful items; they want them to tell a story.  It may be that you picked something up on a special trip or with someone dear to you.  Or perhaps it is something that just stands for a certain time in your life such as when you were a newlywed or when you had your first born. 

On the opposite end of the spectrum, sometimes a room or pieces of a room bring not so pleasant memories, such as it was put together during in a difficult time in your past when you were struggling at work and needed a creative outlet. 

Emotion carries a lot of weight when designing and it is important to listen to that little voice when it is time to let go of certain things and to possibly bring in something new.

I love parts of this master bedroom, especially the focal quatrefoil wall and gray upholstered headboard.  Now do not get me wrong, there is really nothing wrong with this room, but I am ready for a change.  Remember that post I did about losing my “design mojo”?  Well, that is what this room means to me. 

Most of the smaller purchases were made with Christmas gift cards and cash several years ago and the side tables were selected under pressure after my whirlwind of a move back to California.

Spring represents fresh starts, bright color, and new life.  Re-decorating an entire room may not be the answer to bring a fresh look.  Needless to say, I am nominating this room for a Spring Spruce-Up. 

A mix of rough weathered and sleek modern with touches of sky blue is what I want this room to turn into. 

It is going to represent my new, refreshed “design mojo”, my design brand, and my need to get rid of a forced feeling.  Out with those old feelings attached to these objects and in with the fresh new me.  With just a few key changes and I can get my new look without spending a lot of dough.  I even plan on doing some art pieces for the walls out of supplies that I already have.

These items are on my list for The Spring Spruce-Up Shopping Event on Saturday, April 12th and I look forward to showing you how everything turns out.  If you are in the Orange County, Ca area, be sure to purchase your event ticket and shop with me.

So, what is your story?  What do you need refreshed in your home for the spring season and for a new season in your life?





{Fab Five Fridays} my favorite journal notebooks

I am a doodler.  Living in a technology age, I have loaded up my iCloud, Dropbox, iPhone, DVD’s, Flash Drives, & Pinterest with images of things that inspire me and just plain old make me happy.  Then come all the text ideas I get that fill my iPhone notes and calendar of when to do them.  Now back to the statement that I am a doodler.  Regardless of all these fancy things that keep track of images and notes, I still carry journals and notebooks with me to jot down ideas and thoughts.  I enjoy sitting in bed before I go to sleep drawing random sketches and love you notes to my hubby.  There is that feeling of putting pen to paper that really satisfies a creative soul.  Having a cute journal makes this doodling and note taking all the more enjoyable.  I have collected five fabulous journals and notebooks to satisfy the most imaginative of people.

my favorite journal notebooks

1 | Rose Gold Pocket Notebooks | Dot & Bo | $10.99

Spring at its best.  I am typically not a rose type of person, but I just love the vintage look of this book paired with the gold foil dot one.

2 | Mini Prism & Ombre Journals | Paper Source | $9.95

These three journals caught my eye because of the color and pattern.  I so want to do a feature wall in both prism and ombre now, any takers?

3 | Coptic Stitch Journal | Anthropologie | $22.00

Green is my favorite color and this journal speaks to my heart.  I have already used its simple gold paint stroke pattern on a DIY planter.

4 | Denim Blue Inspire Bird Spiral Bound Notebook | Pear Tree Papers on Etsy | $3.95

I really don’t know what could represent me more than a handmade notebook with a bluebird on it.

5 | Blank Journal Markings | Target | $9.99

With a cover lined with birch trees, I fell for this simple journal with a ribbon page maker.

Here is my most recent journal page.  Happy Doodling!

Here is my latest doodling page in my journal notebook


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