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It is week four of the One Room Challenge and it is also the time that I am running into a few issues.  But before I delve into that, let me remind you what the room used to look like and what it looks like now.

One Room Challenge

Here is the room BEFORE

One Room Challenge

And here it is now, waiting for furniture!

To read about how we got from before to where I am now, check out my previous posts:

Week 1: All Before Photos and The Design Plan

Week 2: Shopping at West Elm

Week 3: Painting, Refinishing vintage Heywood Wakefield pieces, and Reviving some thrift store cantilever chairs

As the title of this post reads “The Issue Post”, I had three distinct as I like to call them “opportunities to be creative”.  Here is what I did to tackle them:

Issue 1

My client purchased a piece of art that she liked without letting me know

Ok, I am not going to go all snobby designer on you, and I actually loved the art she selected.  I had given her an idea of what I was going to put in the space and my heart jumped a bit when she called me all excited saying she had found the perfect piece.  The only issue with the art was that it was way too small to fill the wall I was wanting to put this abstract painting.

One Room Challenge

Here is a closeup of the piece she selected

It is only about 18″ x 18″ and I was looking for more of a 42″ x 30″, but I was determined to make this work.

One Room Challenge

Since the room needs space for foot traffic on the left, it needs a visually heavy piece to counterbalance the furnishings on the other side.

My Solution

Several years ago I got a very large, very ugly 70’s painting at a garage sale that I painted over.  I painted it during a time in my life where I was going through a rough time and was forcing myself to get back into being creative.  I had been drained from a job that left me devoid of artistic thought and I needed an outlet.  I was pleased with the results, and it hung in my bedroom for many years.  After beginning my own business, I realized that this painting was holding me in a bad place and it needed to be given new energy and a new life.

One Room Challenge

The repainted garage sale canvas ready for new energy.

I took this painting outside and spray painted the whole thing white, frame and all, just to give it a fresh start.  As it was drying, my furry daughter, Maggie Mae promptly trotted across it, thankfully not tracking white paw prints along with it.  Little did I know that two weeks later, she would no longer be in my life.  I have not shared this on my blog before because it was too painful, but back in late August, at 13 years old, Maggie Mae was taken to heaven.  She had been with me since she was 4 months old and I cannot express the void that is now left.

That white canvas went into storage with me left not knowing what to do with it, until now!  It was like it was Maggie being involved one more time in one of my design projects like she had been so many times before.  Only now, her mark was going to be left in one of my clients homes.

After hanging the large white canvas on the wall, I thought perhaps I could hang the art my client purchased on a 3M Command Strip Hanger in the middle of the canvas.

One Room Challenge

I posted this really EXCITING (ya right) image on my Instagram.

Well, after hanging the art piece and working in the room a bit, the strip let loose and the art went kurplunck on the floor.  No damage done, and I was skeptical about the piece holding on such an uneven surface because the canvas has a lot of texture.  So I bit the bullet and just put a nail and hanger right through the canvas.

One Room Challenge

No turning back now!

And, now, drum roll please…a small art piece turned visually larger with wonderful energy provided: (invisible paw prints and all!)

One Room Challenge

One issue down, two to go.

Issue 2

The desk lamp has no outlet nearby

Since this sitting room is really a bedroom with a mirrored closet that is not in use, the desk got placed right in front of said closet doors.  With this came the dilemma of not having a nearby outlet to electrify this amazing piece I found at HomeGoods.

One Room Challenge

Here is the floor plan so you can get an idea of what I am talking about:

One Room Challenge

My Solution

I got an extension cord and ran it around the chair next to the desk and then attached a cord cover to the wall right above the baseboard.

One Room Challenge

One Room Challenge

Thankfully the outlet is going to be covered by the arm chair.

One more solved!

Issue 3

With the desk in front of a mirrored closet, how the heck am I going to hang anything on the wall over it?

I’m jumping right into my solution.  Now this is where the 3M Command Strips redeem themselves.  Why not hang a mirror on a mirror?  The command strip really took hold on the glass much better than the textured canvas and now the sunburst mirror looks amazing over the desk next to the lamp.

One Room Challenge

One Room Challenge

So those were my issues/opportunities to be creative this week and I am getting ready to wrap this room up as my client has family getting ready to come in for the upcoming holidays.  This upcoming week I will be getting the last minute accessories and loading them all in.  Thanks for following along on my journey of creating the Heywood Wakefield Dream.

I will leave you this week with a reminder of my design concept for this room and I hope you can come back to see the end result!

Heywood Wakefield Dream

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One Room Challenge | Week 3

October 16, 2014

One Room Challenge Linking Participant

I can’t believe we are already on week 3 of the One Room Challenge!  Be sure to check out my design concept & before pics here and my West Elm shopping trip for some of the major pieces in the space here.

The midcentury modern sitting room aka the “Heywood Wakefield Dream” is coming together quickly and my focus this week will be on the vintage Heywood Wakefield pieces.  The side table and cocktail table that were found at a consignment shop and were the inspiration for this whole design.  My client also wanted a desk in the space so when this one popped up on Craigslist, I immediately inquired about it.

Heywood Wakefiled Desk

This was a keeper and the price was right.  It had a few flaws, but nothing major.  Like the other images of the tables, it is hard to tell, but it needs refinishing as well.  That whole top portion of the front is one long, ginormous drawer.  The display shelves on the right are just wonderful too.  This particular style is called a Student Desk (M783W) that was manufactured from 1952-1961.

The desk, cocktail table, and end table pieces are solid blond maple and birch from the Modern line produced from 1936-1966.  To get the yellow cast stain called Wheat that is to resemble the tones of natural, ripened grains, I ordered a reproduction stain from a vendor called needful_useful_things on eBay.

One Room Challenge - Wheat finish

Boy is that some yellow stain!

One Room Challenge

Let the sanding commence.

One Room Challenge

Ready for stain!

One Room Challenge

Drying time.

It was interesting finding a little more history on these two tables too.  The back one is the 2-Tier End Table (M791G) and was manufactured from 1952-1953 with signature arched legs that were seen in several other Heywood Wakefield pieces so they would harmonize together.  Sexy legs!  The one in the front is the Cocktail Table (M319G) with sculpted guardrails to prevent cocktails from falling over the edge.  You know, for all those crazy parties my client is going to throw!

As the desk was drying, I was searching online for the perfect desk chair.  My client was open to something different and was not really wanting another wood piece.  Now here is the funny part, as I was searching with nothing striking me, I leaned back in my office chair and turned slightly away.  My office also contains several pieces on my Etsy shop and there it was, the perfect chair was sitting right behind me.  A pair of them to be exact.  I had recently purchased two metal cantilever chairs that I made over here.

One Room Challenge

I rushed with one of them out to the studio to see if it would work and of course, it was like it was meant to be.  Now one will act as the main desk chair and the other for next to it.  Then they can be pulled across from the love seat and placed side by side act as extra seating for the conversation area.

One Room Challenge

This sitting room is coming along and I am loving all the history behind these wonderful vintage pieces.

Now the room is painted in Sherwin Williams Ibis White (SW 7000) and the room is starting to totally transform.  Here is the West Elm Canted Wood Rug in Salmon in all it’s full glory!  It will eventually get turned the other direction, but I had to show it in the room.

One Room Challenge

This beautiful floor lamp at HomeGoods called out to be in this room, so I listened to it.

Be sure to keep following me as I continue.  I have to deal with some issues I know are looming.  It’s those kinds of things that you keep thinking about at night.  They MUST BE SOLVED!

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Upcycled Glass Vases

October 14, 2014


Inspired by West Elm, I was able to upcycle some thrifted glass vases. I would love to hear if anyone else tries this great home decor project.

Originally posted on Goodwill of Orange County Blog:

Upcycled Glass Vases

If you are anything like me, I have a love for home decor that has a high price tag.  On a recent shopping trip, I was browsing in a home store in the mall for a client when I fell in love with some stoneware vases that ranged from $39-$49 each.  Of course, to create the look I wanted in my master bedroom, I wanted a cluster of three which would have cost me upwards of $140.

Now as much as I enjoy those pricey accessories with their handcrafted goodness, I am also continually looking for ways to upcycle items to keep them from going in the landfill.  So, for this episode of DIY Thursdays with Janeane, I am going to take an item that is always in stock at Goodwill of Orange County: glass vases.  In every Goodwill store location I have been to, there is a total aisle…

View original 531 more words

One Room Challenge Linking Participant

The One Room Challenge continues today as I give you an update on the “Heywood Wakefield Dream”.  Last week I showed you my midcentury modern concept board and things are coming along nicely.  A shopping trip to West Elm was fruitful as I ordered the large seating pieces in the room and picked up the rug and the throw pillows that were in my Polyvore set.  I seriously cannot wait to see these in the space.

One Room Challenge | West Elm Peggy Sofa

The Peggy Loveseat is so perfect, so orangey scrumptious, so tufted adorbs.  I ordered it with the fabric shown on the sofa version on the showroom floor in Heathered Weave, Cayenne.  I bustled around the store taking pillows and making myself at home as the sales associates were oh, so kind.  I finally arrived at the decision to cluster the Solid Silk Hand-Loomed Pillow in Platinum, the Stamped Dot Silk Pillow, and Crewel Circlet Pillow in Cayenne on the sofa.

I got the last Canted Wool Rug in Salmon in stock at the store because the platinum, cream, tan, horseradish, salmon, & cayenne colors gave wonderful connections to other pieces in the room.  You can see the little sample on the bottom right.  The yellow horseradish tone will tie into the finish on the vintage Heywood Wakefield pieces that are being refinished.

One Room Challenge | Anders Chair

And now to round out the seating, I present the Anders Chair in Slate topped off with the Scalloped Crewel Pillow.  The chenille tweed fabric is so full of texture that it gives umph to a solid gray chair.  I love the simple lines this chair has with its flared arms.

I posted this picture on my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter this last week asking about which way I should place the scalloped pillow getting mixed reviews.  What do you think?  A or B?

One Room Challenge

Now as for the room, the dismemberment of the bed proved to be challenging.  It was truly a bear!  So many parts, so many pieces.  Just when I thought I had removed all the screws, another one was still attached.One Room Challenge

My client was ready to part with this metal bed and I seriously had visions of revamping it.  Call it the overachieving designer in me.

One Room Challenge

I mean, can you blame me?  Just look at this detail on the back!!!  My vision was to paint it green much like the Crawford Queen Bed from Anthropologie.

crawford queen bed

As soon as I showed the image to my husband/business partner, he squashed it, snapping me back into reality.  Especially because he did most of the heavy work taking the darn thing apart and getting it out of the room, down the stairs and packed away in the car.  I also have absolutely no time, nor the space to store it waiting for a client to fall in love with this piece.  So, on to Craigslist you go and off to a wonderful new home, as is.

One Room Challenge

Now the room is clear and while the painters move in to cover the walls in Sherwin Williams Ibis White, I am working on refinishing the vintage tables.  Next week I will be showing you the Heywood Wakefield finishing process and their history.

Be sure to stop by Calling It Home to see all the other participants in the One Room Challenge.  Until then!


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