Layering Art: A How-To Segment

October 31, 2013


Adding dimension to your design makes a space more visually pleasing.  It is kind of like layering in your wardrobe with a jacket or cardigan; it just looks more interesting than just a top by itself.  With two bright and patterned wrapped canvas art work pieces and one round mirror, I created a layered look that you can do yourself.  I first sketched out the idea that I wanted.  For those of you following on Facebook & Instagram, you have seen this drawing before.  The challenge was to create a hanger for the mirror to compensate for the depth of the art.

The depth of the canvas was approximately 1 ½” and the space between the two pieces from where I hung them was also approximately 1 ½”.


 My solution was using scrap pieces of wood.  By sandwiching two small cuts together, I found my desired 1 ½” x 1 ½” spacer and hanger.  To marry them together for drilling purposes, I wrapped them in blue tape.  Then, I got to bust out my favorite tool, my Milwaukee power drill!  I chose a 3/16″ bit that would fit the size of the screw I was going to eventually use to secure the wood to the wall and drilled a hole through both pieces that were now taped together.


Now that I had my spacer/hanger ready, I found my desired placement for the mirror and drilled a pilot hole in the wall.  Next, I inserted in the screw (mine was a 3″ screw) in the wood piece just until the tip of the screw was poking through at the other end.  With that tip, I was able to find the pilot hole in the wall easily by guiding the wood over the wall until it fell in.  Using my handy Milwaukee again, I attached the wood hanger to the wall.  I left the screw out about ¼”, having a place ready for my mirror to be hung.  My mirror was very light and in cases of heavier mirrors, I would recommend finding a stud, or using an anchor.


Hanging the mirror over the zig-zag print canvases took a little of the shocking color and pattern down to where it was more palatable.  With the addition of the lamps in front, the layering process is complete.  By thinking beyond what is expected, you can achieve a look that not everyone has.  I really enjoyed this project from conception to completion and I hope you have too.  I hope I have inspired you to possibly try this in your own home.  I will be showing you this complete look soon in a future post.



Janeane Pittman Interior Design



One Response to “Layering Art: A How-To Segment”

  1. […] Mounted above are the punchy zig zag art pieces that boast bright orange, pink, chartreuse, and several other neutrals.  Layered over the canvases is a round distressed wood framed mirror that I snagged a long time ago knowing that this would be its home.  I posted a behind the scenes how to segment on layering art here. […]

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