Making an Entrance

November 5, 2013



Elated, thrilled, overjoyed…that is how I feel about this entrance that features the World Market Cost Plus Aiden Console and Wide Terrarium.  A recent sketch of the entryway captured and solidified the design concept for this wall.  To give you an idea of the room layout this wall is directly across from the front door and it is the first thing you see when you enter the small bungalow.  When facing the wall, you can either go to the right down the hall to the bedrooms, or to the left to the dining area.  This area is open to the main living area so this space is a main thoroughfare.  With this entry area being empty for several years, I have been searching for the perfect entry table that would fit my criteria.  It needed to be just the right size to accommodate the small space, yet be large enough to house lighting and be able to counterbalance the art I purchased quite some time ago.  The piece also needed to have some style.  I love the metal legs, rustic plank tops, and industrial wheels.  It is memorable.  And lastly, it needed to have a good value.  This piece is sturdy and has good presence for the price.


Mounted above are the punchy zig zag art pieces that boast bright orange, pink, chartreuse, and several other neutrals.  Layered over the canvases is a round distressed wood framed mirror that I snagged a long time ago knowing that this would be its home.  I posted a behind the scenes how to segment on layering art here.


This fabulous terrarium, or as my dad calls it: “the bio-dome”, has a substantial cement base and nice glass dome that is removable for easy planting and watering.  It also is a good size being 11 ¼” round and 10 ½” high.  I chose a selection of succulents to fill mine with.   The shape looks handcrafted, of which drew me to it in the first place.


Bright blue lamps with white shades flank the table nicely and give a great glow to the art.  The ambient lighting is wonderful in the evening.  Having this dark corner for a while, it is a welcome change.  On the bottom shelf I placed a large round basket found at a garage sale.  It was also necessary to cover those pesky cords and this fit the bill.  Rounding the look out is a small blue vase with a decorative flower on front and an abalone shell that was collected with my sister on a family trip to Catalina Island.  As much as I love the final look, I can see myself changing out this bottom shelf with accessories and will be an ever changing display.  That’s just how I roll.


I currently have a personal challenge to create a room in my house with items that I absolutely love and to not purchase one item on credit.  Learning to live without a complete space is a concept I adopted several years ago and I know my past self would be chomping at the bit.  With each addition, I am more and more pleased with my decision to do so.  I did a little video showing how this all came together.  This is my first video and youtube posting, so this is a big deal for me.  Hope you enjoy and get inspiration!


Janeane Pittman Interior Design



3 Responses to “Making an Entrance”

  1. love this! love how you layered the mirror over the art! That console and terrarium are just lovely.

  2. […] room.  You already saw the two blue lamps from my entryway that is essentially in my living room here.  I also posted about a floor lamp here.  To round out the lighting I was looking for some […]

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