Creating and Connecting at an Anthro Event

November 6, 2013

Last week, my sister and I attended the 2013 Anthropologie Holiday Display Workshop in Newport Beach.  I had never been to an Anthro Event so I had no idea what we were in for.  It turned out to be such a pleasant afternoon.  There were so many ladies, gluing, stringing, cutting, and just having a good time.  So often I get carried away in the day to day and need to take the time to slow down and just enjoy the moment.  This post is not only about what actually happened, but also about the feelings that took place, because isn’t that what creating is all about?

2013-11-01 13.54.52

2013-11-01 13.17.33

At one station, there were ladies making garland out of corrugated paper.  At another table, they were stringing bottle caps with red string to make yet another garland and hanging decorations.  My area housed the gold leaves.  We were supplied with the thin cardboard sheets with gold foil gift wrap (like this) pre-spray-glued on.  Sandpaper was handed out and the distressing took place.  The sheets were then cut into smaller sizes to accommodate the die cut machine and then we made a load of leaves.

2013-11-01 12.38.26

2013-11-01 13.14.14

2013-11-01 13.15.48-1

Elizabeth from Anthropologie was kind enough to send me Trouve Magazine’s Instagram post that shows the end result along with the instructions on the bottle cap garland.  I had ideas of applying this golden foliage on gift bags, all over a gift box wrapped in brown kraft paper, or on the front of a square candle or simple card.  Since I do not have access to a die cut machine and do not have it in my budget to purchase one, I have been thinking of ways I can get a similar look at home.  Be on the lookout for a DIY version with some of these ideas applied in a later post.

2013-11-03 06.18.38

It was so good to talk with my sister about life and catch up on what is going on with her.  We reminisced about crafting as childen with glitter galore.  As we cut, we connected on a level that only sisters can.  We are so different in so many ways, but we have a way of understanding each other.  It was also such a cozy feeling to feed off the energy of the other ladies working.  Creating was taking place.  Connections were being made.  Leaving with nothing in my hands (I know, I left without buying anything), I felt as though I was a part of something greater.  All that creating was going to be installed in that store.  All that positive liveliness that was there on that day will be there all together for the holidays.

2013-11-01 13.56.00

Ok, I have to comment on this picture of me and my sis and be just a little vain.  I was wearing the Migrating Mallard Cardigan that was a gracious gift to me.  It is so adorable, so kooky, so scrumptiously crafty, that I wished I had a pic of the side and back taken.  Here are a few from the original Anthropologie catalog.  This particular sweater is no longer available and could not find one similar to link to, sorry.  The front closure so reminds me of the buttons I had on a coat as a child in the late seventies that it just makes it that more special.  It is like wearing a piece of art.


So with all that being said, I hope everyone can take a moment this upcoming holiday season and create something as well as make connections with family and friends.


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