OC Blogger Brunch

February 27, 2014

Last Saturday I attended the OC Blogger Brunch and was compelled to write a post on it after seeing many of the other bloggers attending wrote a synopsis on the day.  It is very interesting to see other perspectives on the same event and the human mind continues to fascinate me as we are all so different.  God was so wonderful when he created us and gave us our own personalities and quirks.  I know I do not typically write these types of blogs, but I am going to open up and share what goes on in my wacky head.

I first found out about the event when Audrey from Putting Me Together posted about it.  She was going to attend and I thought to myself, “I LOVE her blog!  I have to meet her!”  I signed up not giving a thought to the fact that she might not show up.  (Sorry Audrey, if you are reading this, I still love ya, no bashing here).  I was a little nervous and put way too much thought into what I was going to wear, how I was going to do my hair, etc.  My biggest goal was to find out how I can make my blog bigger and better.  Building my brand as an independent interior designer is important not only to me as a person, but to my household.

It was not until I entered the location at Great Over Good that I immediately got overcome with fear.  Thoughts of, you are not a REAL blogger, came racing through my head.  I also realized that this was an all ladies kind of event.  Not that I have anything against that, I just don’t seem to mingle well in a group of women.  You see, here is my social circle in everyday life: my husband, my dog, my parents, my husband’s parents, and my clients.  I have even shied away from attending designer events because I just do not fit in with the typical Orange County interior designer.

I put my big girl pants on and started talking.  The more I talked, the more comfortable I became.  I realized that everyone there was human, just like me.  Nerves were abundant, emotions were high, and expectations were being met or not met.  As we sat down to eat, I realized that Audrey was not going to be there.  I thought to myself, why do I need Audrey to make this event alright for me?  I didn’t, so I started chatting with all the ladies at my table.  I felt so old, but who cares.  I had the commonality of being a woman on a mission; woman who wants to be accepted and listened to.

All in all, I felt proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone and meeting some really lovely ladies.  I really hope that I can form wonderful relationships from this group and I look forward to the next event.



2 Responses to “OC Blogger Brunch”

  1. It was great meeting you! I went with a couple other girls I knew and we all agreed that it we wouldn’t have gone on our own. Kudos to you for that! People have all different kind of blogs and blog for different reasons. It doesn’t make you any less important as a blogger!

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