{Fab Five Fridays} X2 with 10 Tips for Thrift Shopping for the Home

March 7, 2014

Tips for Thrift Shopping for the Home

Wrapping up this week is kind of bitter sweet.  It has gone by so fast that I feel like I am trying to catch up.  So getting right to the point this week for my Fab Five Friday, I am doubling your pleasure with 10 Tips for Thrift Shopping for the Home.  From accessories to furniture, thrifting is an adventure all its own.  You just never know what you are going to find and you have to use your imagination sometimes.  To optimize your shopping experience, here are my must have’s:

1 | Wear A Cross Body Bag

By wearing a bag like this is keeps you from balancing a bulky hand bag or keeping is safe in your cart.  This one from Loft is a great example, but if you are thrifting, I am sure you can find one in the hand bag department of your local thrift store.

2 | Carry a Small Measuring Tape

These are perfect for measuring art and small furniture pieces. I love my felt bluebird one that I recently posted on Instagram.  I found the exact one on eBay in case you’re interested.

3 | If There are Missing Parts, Can You Find Replacements Inexpensively

I once found a bookshelf, but it was missing the shelf brackets.  It was so worth getting shelf bracket pegs at The Home Depot.

4 | Have a List with Measurements

Measuring your room is now a breeze with tools like West Elm’s Room Planner.  Just plug in your room & existing pieces and boom, your all set.  Having a list can keep you from getting sidetracked and overwhelmed in the store.

5 | Goof Off Wipes

Those sticky price tags will never be an issue for you again.  These wipes are so easy to use and the residue just comes right off.

6 | Look at the Bottom Shelves

Things can get tucked away out of sight in the accessories and housewares departments, so look down low to get the good stuff.

7 | Think About Other Ways to Use Items

Just because something was made for one purpose does not mean it can’t be used for another.  A tea cup saucer just might be the perfect dish to house your rings.

8 | Put in in your Basket

When in doubt, pick it up.  It sometimes takes me a little bit to figure out if I can use an item and by having it in my basket guarantees I will get it.  If I can’t come up with a good reason for getting it, I put it back where I found it.

9 | Check for Flaws

Especially in furniture, be sure to examine the piece for damage.  If it is a quick fix and worth the price, get it.  If it is something you know you cannot repair, pass on it, another item will come your way.

10 | Ask for Help

Don’t be afraid to get to know the staff.  They have insight on inventory and they may know of something that you are looking for.


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2 Responses to “{Fab Five Fridays} X2 with 10 Tips for Thrift Shopping for the Home”

  1. Great tips! I love your bird tape measure. And I’m definitely going to buy the Goof Off!


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