8 Signs you may be Addicted to Pillows

July 2, 2014

8 Signs you may be Addicted to Pillows

Ah, the goodness of a beautiful textile encasing fluffiness that is a pillow.  These cushions have found their way into my heart.  To see if you qualify as a bonafide pillow addict check the signs.

8 Signs you may be Addicted to Pillows - It takes you 10 minutes to remove the pillows from your bed to get ready to sleep1. It takes you 10 minutes to remove the pillows from your bed to get ready to sleep

Oh, the joys of the turn-down service that you do yourself.  Although there is nothing like jumping into a pile of pillows.  It is almost like that scene in Indecent Proposal with Demi surrounded by money.  At least that’s what I equate it to, minus the whole betrayal thing.8 Reasons you may be Addicted to Pillows - HomeGoods




2. Your cart automatically gravitates toward the pillow display at HomeGoods

Don’t say you have never done this!  I have gone in for a kitchen gadget and was like a moth to a flame oogling the latest and greatest.

3. Your husband refers to your cushion collection as “pillow pollution”

I had to laugh because this is an actual saying, not from my hubby, but from my uncle referring to my aunts obsession of everything pillow.  Hmm, this might be a genetic disease.  And, no the guy standing next to the car is not my husband, or my uncle.  (But I secretly love the whole idea of his outfit coordinating with the pillows!)8 Reasons you may be Addicted to Pillows - Pillow Pollution

4. You spend time standing back for 5 minutes admiring your sofa after fluffing the pillows

I call this the “Sit & Stare”.  I can’t help it, it just makes me smile.

5. Your guests have to unearth the furniture to be able to sit

I know what you are thinking, yes designers should incorporate real living and not have something just for show.  I am however personally devious when it comes to watching my dad situate all my pillows around him when he visits.  I’m bad, I know.8 Reasons you may be Addicted to Pillows - Guests have to unearth the furniture

6. Children come over and make a competition to see who can guess the right amount of pillows you have

True story.  I think I have shared this situation before.  It was too much fun to watch and I really should have been embarrassed when they shouted to me who won and exactly how many pillows I own, but I wasn’t.8 Reasons you may be Addicted to Pillows - Special place for pillows when not in place

7. You have a special place pillows go when they are not able to be utilized in their intended place

Now this is actually very practical.  It also makes for a great display.  I really need to get more baskets (oh no, that’s another addiction, NEXT!)

8. You have a space bag full of pillows in your garage ready for seasonal rotation

I have yet to try the space bag, but it sure seems like a great invention.  So tempting.



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