Dream Accessory Closet

September 8, 2014

Dream Accessory Closet Series

Besides being an interior designer and loving everything beautiful for the home, I am slightly obsessed with fashion accessories.  I have a closet at the end of my hall that has acted on and off again as an accessory closet, and a sad looking one at that.  Yes, it is a little embarrassing to show you the state of this section of my personal space, but I have plans, BIG PLANS!  This mess of a nook is going to become a Dream Accessory Closet ready to be shown off to all that view it.

These plans include several DIY projects to display jewelry, belts, purses, & scarves that I will be sharing along the way.  Some of them will be items repurposed from thrift stores, while others will be things made from nature.  I may just plain old shop my house.  Sometimes things get new life when they are put in a new place.  OK, who am I kidding, I may just have to make a trip to HomeGoods along the way.  The ultimate plan is to be big on style and low on cost.  I want this thing to be blinged out!  Like, I want you to be blown away by the glam-fest that is about to take place.


The first thing on the list is to go through and see exactly what I have and donate items that I really don’t wear any more.  Next will be a fantastic paint treatment in gray and gold.  The theme is vintage glam and I inadvertently gave a clue away when I showed this trunk on my Instagram.

I hope you follow me along on my journey towards my Dream Accessory Closet and if you are as fortunate as me to have a dedicated space for accessories, I would love to hear about it too.








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