One Room Challenge | Week 3

October 16, 2014

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I can’t believe we are already on week 3 of the One Room Challenge!  Be sure to check out my design concept & before pics here and my West Elm shopping trip for some of the major pieces in the space here.

The midcentury modern sitting room aka the “Heywood Wakefield Dream” is coming together quickly and my focus this week will be on the vintage Heywood Wakefield pieces.  The side table and cocktail table that were found at a consignment shop and were the inspiration for this whole design.  My client also wanted a desk in the space so when this one popped up on Craigslist, I immediately inquired about it.

Heywood Wakefiled Desk

This was a keeper and the price was right.  It had a few flaws, but nothing major.  Like the other images of the tables, it is hard to tell, but it needs refinishing as well.  That whole top portion of the front is one long, ginormous drawer.  The display shelves on the right are just wonderful too.  This particular style is called a Student Desk (M783W) that was manufactured from 1952-1961.

The desk, cocktail table, and end table pieces are solid blond maple and birch from the Modern line produced from 1936-1966.  To get the yellow cast stain called Wheat that is to resemble the tones of natural, ripened grains, I ordered a reproduction stain from a vendor called needful_useful_things on eBay.

One Room Challenge - Wheat finish

Boy is that some yellow stain!

One Room Challenge

Let the sanding commence.

One Room Challenge

Ready for stain!

One Room Challenge

Drying time.

It was interesting finding a little more history on these two tables too.  The back one is the 2-Tier End Table (M791G) and was manufactured from 1952-1953 with signature arched legs that were seen in several other Heywood Wakefield pieces so they would harmonize together.  Sexy legs!  The one in the front is the Cocktail Table (M319G) with sculpted guardrails to prevent cocktails from falling over the edge.  You know, for all those crazy parties my client is going to throw!

As the desk was drying, I was searching online for the perfect desk chair.  My client was open to something different and was not really wanting another wood piece.  Now here is the funny part, as I was searching with nothing striking me, I leaned back in my office chair and turned slightly away.  My office also contains several pieces on my Etsy shop and there it was, the perfect chair was sitting right behind me.  A pair of them to be exact.  I had recently purchased two metal cantilever chairs that I made over here.

One Room Challenge

I rushed with one of them out to the studio to see if it would work and of course, it was like it was meant to be.  Now one will act as the main desk chair and the other for next to it.  Then they can be pulled across from the love seat and placed side by side act as extra seating for the conversation area.

One Room Challenge

This sitting room is coming along and I am loving all the history behind these wonderful vintage pieces.

Now the room is painted in Sherwin Williams Ibis White (SW 7000) and the room is starting to totally transform.  Here is the West Elm Canted Wood Rug in Salmon in all it’s full glory!  It will eventually get turned the other direction, but I had to show it in the room.

One Room Challenge

This beautiful floor lamp at HomeGoods called out to be in this room, so I listened to it.

Be sure to keep following me as I continue.  I have to deal with some issues I know are looming.  It’s those kinds of things that you keep thinking about at night.  They MUST BE SOLVED!

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Cantilever Chair Makeover

September 10, 2014

Cantilever Chair Makeover

While on a visit to Goodwill of Orange County, I spotted two Cesca style cantilever chairs.  The chrome tubular frame was tarnished and the cheap seventies tan velveteen fabric upholstery on the seats were not doing this pair any favors.  My husband in fact was looking at me with that look, you know the one that says “what in the world?!!”  I got them for a song and I knew they were a treasure.  They were not the real deal, but I still loved the simple lines and the cane backs were impeccable.

Cantilever Chair Makeover

After removing the backs and seats, a little Brasso did the trick to renew the chrome back to sparkling.  Since I am a pattern FREAK, I just about screamed when I spotted this Thom Filicia for Kravet Ikat linen in creams, golds, & grays.  I knew the pattern would go perfectly with the chrome & blonde wood.

Cantilever Chair MakeoverA million and two staples later, the seats were covered in my beautiful linen.  Attaching the seats and backs on to the polished frames was a euphoric moment.

Cantilever Chair MakeoverA match made in heaven.

Cantilever Chair MakeoverI had a little fun and staged them as accent seating.  And now, these chairs are destined to go to a clients home that I am working on.  As if the fabric choice was not perfect enough for the chairs themselves, they go wonderfully with the mid-century style room my client is going for I have called a Heywood Wakefield Dream.  I will show you the space with them in it as soon as it is complete.

Cantilever Chair Makeover

And just because you have to see the difference again, here is the before and after once more.  Now that is ReInvented Vintage!







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ReInvented Vintage Metal Typewriter Tables

Vintage metal typewriter tables have been on my radar lately.  I still remember having a typewriter while in school, pecking away all my reports, hoping I did not make an error, or the whole thing was goofed.  Even with the corrector cartridge, it made an awful presentation.  This bygone tool has left us with these absolutely cool tables that need another purpose.  Just because we all don’t have a typewriter in our home, it does not mean these versatile pieces can’t be used in another way.

Enter, ReInvention!  I am loving this word (even though spell check does not!)  This is exactly what I found when I did a little online prowling.  People taking this once very one-specified piece of furniture and in a way inventing a new purpose for it.


One of the more utilitarian purposes I found was for a laptop table.  This is today’s typewriter afterall, so why not?

ReInvented Vintage Metal Typewriter Tables

 Second Wind Cabin Vintage Goods 


Using a typewriter table as a small sideboard in a dining room, especially if you live in a compact space, makes for a great look.  I love how this one is placed in front of a chalkboard wall and balanced with a fun word art canvas.

ReInvented Vintage Metal Typewriter Tables

My Sweet Savannah


Sometimes bedrooms, especially here is Southern California can be really tiny.  Fitting a typewriter table next to the bed is a great way to add character without sacrificing a lot of space.  I love how this one boasts a wire basket on the bottom shelf giving more room for storage for books and such.

ReInvented Vintage Metal Typewriter Tables

Emily Henderson

This one has one of the leaves up for a little extra table top room for the bed side with a woven basket below.

ReInvented Vintage Metal Typewriter Tables

Farm Fabulosity & the Barn Store


By putting up the side leaves and stocking with glassware, ice bucket, & drinks, the typewriter table becomes an instant bar cart.

ReInvented Vintage Metal Typewriter Tables

Painted Dog Furniture


Pairing a typewriter table with a modern chair gives a nice modern vintage feel.  It is a great side table that can easily be moved if necessary.

Reinvented Vintage Metal Typewriter Tables

Place Michel

As a side table, the typewriter table gives a modern living space a nod to the past and giving an old piece new life.

ReInvented Vintage Metal Typewriter Tables

Janeane Pittman Design


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