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Earlier this week I posted on my Instagram about letting your wardrobe be a clue into your interior design style.  I know I have been on a little rampage about finding your personal style lately, and I am only because I think it is important.

I have to say that I follow many (that might be an understatement) fashion blogs and they are showing off their latest finds and deals.  Fashion is one of my loves as it was my major in college prior to making the switch to interiors.  One thing I have noticed is that most people are more willing to take chances on their clothes than they are on their interiors.  And I can see their point of view, an article of clothing is much less expensive than say a piece of furniture.  It is also less of a commitment.

When I made the decision to go bold with color and pattern in my living room, I have had no regrets.  The way that room makes me feel is priceless.  It is a true reflection of my personality.  One of the best things to hear from guests is how happy and fun my home is.

An Ann Taylor striped skirt in bright pink with splashes of orange, purple, and lime I recently picked up secondhand is almost a dead ringer for the HomeGoods chevron art I have hanging in my entry that have essentially the same colors.  I love the watercolor look to both and it was such an unintentional thing.  It goes to show how much I love the look.  Paired with some basics and neutrals, both skirt and art give a fun look that matches my personality.

Take a look in your closet, it might give you a better idea of what you should be bringing into your home.  Why give your wardrobe all the attention?


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Over the past few weeks I have been posting specific design styles in my Style Guide series.  There are truly so many that I could keep going for months.  Have you seen one you like?  Does one fit your lifestyle and taste?  Sometimes it is a mix of styles that really makes us happy.  The relationship between designer and client is a personal one, finding that unique personal style that will fit you and your family.
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I recently read an online article posted by a major design magazine telling about a celebrity that acquired the assistance from a designer to help her design her rental home incorporating existing furnishings that were not in the style direction she really wanted as they were from a past home.  The client raved about how her designer was able to capture her style and do it within her budget.  While I obviously was not involved in the conversations between designer and client, but it sure sounds like she hit the nail on the head.

So what makes you happy in your home?  Whatever it is, it a clue into what your personal style is.


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As an interior design blogger and interior designer, I read a lot of other design blogs, ranging from home owners decorating their own house to large design conglomerates that have a team of writers.  It has been intriguing to me and has been on my mind for several weeks to write about this topic.  There is a particular blog that shares people’s projects that they submit and I thoroughly enjoy the posts.  They always congratulate the contributor and praise the work they have done.  However, then I scroll down to the comments and I am shocked by the things I read: bad mouthing the project and commenting on personal taste.  Although I may not personally like the particular piece or room posted, I still admire someone who first took the initiative and labor to work on something for their home, and second to submit it to a blog to get posted for millions to see.

This post is not to focus on the nay-sayers, but rather to bring to light a positive subject.  Each one of us, I know especially women, want our homes to reflect our own personality and uniqueness.  We all see beauty in different things and that is wonderful.  Never, never let someone else put down what you want to have in your own home. 

Finding confidence in your own personal style is so much stronger than selecting everything from a magazine page. 

Let your space shine with you and your family in mind, no matter what a family member or neighbor might say.  So to all those wonderful people contributing your fabulous furniture refurbishing projects and room makeovers, I salute you for letting your own unique beauty show.  


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